Pentium Xeon 1400Mhz,40G HD, 256MB RAM, Mouse, KB
32MB Video, NIC, CD-Rom, 17", RedHat 7.2
Systems like this starting at $1200!
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Software and Optional Configurations
The most up to date Linux, BSD, or Solaris Operating System.
  • 2 CD's - Operating System and Source Code
  • Install Guide and Documentation CD

Passive income for Linuxoids

VMWare allows you to boot Linux and still
run those Microsoft programs you love so much.

Your machine can be setup so you choose on bootup
which operating system starts. Have the best of
both worlds!

Control your network all from one machine!
Using VNC you can control other computers on
your network. Check up on a computer in the
office from home over the internet!
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